The power of online learning in the age of covid

The international efforts of scientists, medical researchers and clinical trials have been pivotal to containing the spread, impact and morbidities caused by Covid-19. Life-saving vaccines and research have provided a roadmap for countries to eventually re-open their economies. Rigorous regulatory standards have allowed companies to safely produce and roll out vaccines. The public are invested in clinical trials, research and public health like never before.

It is for these reasons, that it is crucial we nurture the skills and standards of practitioners involved in clinical trials. From graduates to students, private corporations and beyond. Nevertheless, face-to-face training and hands-on application has been severely compromised with social distancing. At a time, we need bright and brilliant minds, for many, training has been taken away. That is why CGX Training is proud to offer a solution!

cgx's online learning MANAGEMENT system (LMS)

Our CTA (Clinical Trial Administrator), CRA (Clinical Research Associate) and CPM (Clinical Project Management) courses will now be available online from the safety and comfort of your home. However, we won’t be compromising on the high standards of training and teaching.

Our virtual classroom provides the same level of experience, enjoyment and interaction that you’d find in our on-site labs. Training will be live and lead by one of our experienced instructors. Students are expected to interact and participate like they would in a physical classroom, and the instructor can answer any of your questions in real time.

No matter the course you choose, you will leave with the confidence, knowledge and accreditations you need to apply to your work in clinical trials. We are excited to expand our training to the global stage and remain driven by our ethos that unites theory with practical demands and patient sensitivity. We recognise the obstacles online learning has had on students and education. However, with CGX’s LMS, Covid-19 will not stop us reaching prospective scientific communities and students.

going global and making the most of online learning

Location, travel, accommodation and costs can prohibit budding researchers and practitioners from accessing the training they need. In a short amount of time, everyone has adapted to the demands and difficulties of online learning. But as Covid-19 has displayed on a global scale, we cannot afford to be short of excellent and dedicated future workforces. With CGX’s Online Learning Management System, we now have the opportunity to make our global training the default training.

We have already received enquiries from Europe, Africa, New Zealand, India and the United States, to name but a few; many miles away from our base in London. CGX has already fostered partnerships internationally, and are currently working with U.S. Biopharmaceutical companies.

Our online training can extend this global reach even further. With online learning, we hope to knock down the geographical barriers and Covid-19 restrictions that have halted training and development for many students and practitioners. Our skilled team have the confidence and ability to deliver the the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re working with a laptop in your bedroom or face-to-face.

CGX Training isn’t alone in its ambitions to make training accessible. The UK government (specifically in Wales thus far) are offering funding for those looking to retrain or update their skills, who have been made redundant or been unemployed since January 2020. The scheme is run by ReAct. One of our applicants was successful in receiving a vocational grant, up to the maximum amount of £1500 to participate in one of our courses. If you’re eligible and looking for funding, their website is a great place to start.

No matter where you are, you can still access the quality CGX training has to offer, that will push your technical capabilities and your career forward. The online platform and courses will be launching in May of 2021 and are available for sign-up now. You can find our courses, contacts and details on our website. Covid-19 regulations and social distancing do not have to put a stop to world class training!

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