My first contact with CGX training was a phone call to enquire about the course - CTA for beginners. I knew that I wanted to begin a career in the pharmaceutical industry but had heard that getting started can be difficult. I was really grateful to Donna who took my call and kindly spent near on an hour answering my various questions and helping me to better understand the career pathway and what jobs I should be applying for. This advice was given even before I had signed up to the course. I am excited to undertake this training in the near future and am certain it will help me get that extra advantage over other applicants.

Feeback after enquiring the CTA Course

Intense, but enjoyable course. A lot of content covered. Learnt a lot about CTA.

Tunji Glover
Student, London

Overall a very good course. Teaching very good, Course content good.

Mohammed Ahmed
CTA Course

The CTA course and tutors were excellent. I got a very good insight into clinical trials and the roles of a CTA. Thank you CGX you helped me gain my first job in the industry.

J. Barbot
Clinical Trial Assistant

Excellent course! A lot of material covered over 3 days. I found all aspects interesting, especially the history and reform of clinical trials to modern times. Learnt more about CTA role than I already knew.

Cinzia Baldini
Admin Officer, UCLH

Good course! Wealth of material, very useful, especially areas regarding drug accountability and monitoring visits.

Danielle Moran
CTA, Guy's Hospital

Good course! Got in-depth knowledge of the duties and role of a CTA.

Vinod Manghat
IT Support, Reading

Very good course, explained very well by tutor. Now have a thorough understanding of CTA role.

Shweta Ajwani
CTA Course, Hounslow

Great course! Perfect amount of content provided for a 3-day course, with excellent notes. Learnt a lot of acronyms in the industry and the job role of a CTA.

Camillia Bouchebaba
CTA Course, Wembley


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Excellent course, Excellent tutor, really knew her stuff. A lot of material covered. Gained huge knowledge of the role of a CRA.

Angeline Nwoko
CTA, London

This course was what I have been searching for for some time. It was pitched at the right level for entry-level delegates it was really hands-on with lots of activities and scenarios. I had no idea of the number of the options available in in this industry until now. I will definitely be pursuing a career as a clinical research.

M. Clovis
Graduate Student Chemistry

Excellent all round. Excellent experience, excellent course, trainers and content.

Oluwabunmi Asifat
CRA Course student, London

Excellent course. Better than expected. Discussions and workshops insightful. Course content quite intense, but simplified by excellent instructors. Gained invaluable knowledge of the role of a CRA.

Kolawole Durojaiye
CRA Course student, Manchester

Very good course. The course was very useful with a vast amount of information that has been simplified in a good way. Enjoyed the workshops.

Dr Rehab Elkadri
Biomedical Researcher, London

Found course very useful. Hands on workshops and excellent teaching. Course tutor very clearly cared a lot about teaching us well.

Jack Moody
Clinical Data Management & Monitoring Associate, Research Organisation (KC) Ltd

Very good course! Learnt a lot about CRA role.

Anil Paul Mellit Creative Healthcare professional, London

Very good course! The group discussions and the anecdotes/industry insight provided was extremely helpful. Talking to the tutor and other delegates with experience and insight into the role of a CRA was invaluable.

Jacob Lawman
Clinical Data Management & Monitoring Associate, Research Organisation (KC) Ltd

training & consultancy

We recruited Clingenxia for a novel project delivered during STEM week. Most of the audience had little or no knowledge of clinical trials. The speakers presented in an intriguing and engaging style provoking questions from the audience about informed consent, ethics, and the clinical trial drug process. Our students had many questions and potentially this may open up a potential new career for some students.

Sam Ellis Smith
Solo Tutorial Services

CGX developed and delivered a number of training courses for our new hires and also some specific topic areas. We will definitely work with CGX again, they listen to our needs and delivered an appropriate and effective training course. We have now contracted them for a number of training projects for the future.

C. Kade
Director Manorworx


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